I had severe lower back pain radiating down my leg. I consulted an orthopedist but could not be seen for 2 weeks. When I called Dr. Wojeski and told him my symptoms, he immediately worked me in to be seen the same day.

Before treatment, I was unable to walk or put any weight on my feet. After treatment I was able to work all day, stand, lift and enjoy life as I used to.

Dr. Wojeski and his fine staff have always been sympathetic to my needs. He has even gone as far as to call me. I believe had I not seen Dr. Wojeski, I would have had surgery. Make your appointment today, it will be worth it all.


One doctor described my condition as Motor Tics. My arms and legs would fly out with no warning causing me to hit things or people. I like to cook, but it made people nervous when I had a knife in my hands. I've had this for about four years.

I went to a Neurologist and had an EEG done to rule out seizures and took a variety of oral medications.

On my first visit to Dr. Wojeski. He concluded that my upper spinal column was misaligned.

I have gone from having 20-30 spasms a day to having only 5 or less a day and even when I do have them, they are not as severe. All of this in only 2 to 3 visits.


I had chronic lower back pain because of participation in exercise such as basketball, tennis, running and weight lifting. I initially went to a Chiropractic Doctor who was in New York and went to Palmer College. I feel Palmer's Doctor's methods produced the best results. When I first moved down here, I saw a Chiropractor from another college but he used an instrument instead of hands-on technique which didn't help my condition. Under Dr. Wojeski's care, I consistently improved until I was pain free. I now see Dr. Wojeski about once a month for maintenance and to continue my active lifestyle.


I started having lower back pain after I had my son. It got worse one Summer when I emptied the lawn mower bags, so I had to do something.

Dr. Wojeski x-rayed my spine, then adjusted my spine and it felt good not to hurt anymore. Now as long as I know my limits, I'm fine.

When my son was in the 3rd Grade, he had headaches every day. He would cry because they hurt so badly. So I took him to Dr. Wojeski and he adjusted his jaw and neck and now he rarely gets a headache.


I suffer from TMJ pain, lower back pain and upper back pain as well as some ankle problems. I went to an orthopedist and neurologist without any relief. Most M.D's do not recommend a Chiropractor, but my mother had been to one years before, so I went on my own.

When my TMJ acts up, my jaw pops out of place and it causes severe headaches that no medication will stop until I visit Dr. Wojeski and get it back in place. When I get all my problems properly aligned, I can go sometimes 6-18 months without having to see the doctor.

Britt (Age 6)


My son Britt started having bad ear infections when he was 4 years old. The infection would get better for short periods of time, but would never completely go away.

I took him to our family doctor who tried about four different antibiotics on him, but gave him only short-term relief. Soon, his pain would be back again. His doctor finally started talking about putting tubes in his ears.

I was talking with my Pastors wife one night at Church about Britt. She told me that she went through the same thing with her son and suggested Dr. Wojeski.

I must admit, it felt strange taking my son to a Chiropractor for his ears, but I thought I may as well give it a try. After only a few treatments, much to my surprise, Britt started getting better. The fluid in his ears completely cleared up for the first time in months. Even my medical doctor was amazed.

Britt's overall health improved after he started receiving Chiropratic care. He has less colds and rarely gets an infection.

I would encourage all parents to start their children on Chiropractic care as soon as they are born. Your children will be healthier overall.

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